SSD means Solid State Drive. They're the newest form of computer hard disk drives which are very fast than the traditional hard disk drives. Now a days you'll see SSD's being used in almost every type of computer system whether its desktops, laptops or web hosting servers. SSDs are rapidly replacing the traditional disk based hard drives.

The speed of hard drive is measured in terms of IOPS which basically means Input/Output. Basically, it tells the speed of data that can be written to or read from a hard drive. The higher the IOPS, the faster the drive is.

avissoft uses latest and fastest SSD drives for your website. Even Google admits that the loading speed of the website is a key factor when it comes to ranking a website. Hence any advantage your business or website can have over the competition is definitely an advantage.

SSD drives are faster and more reliable than a traditional hard drive. SSD is greener and causes less pollution too.

Here are some key points to show why SSD's are becoming the hard drive of the future:

  • SSD is much faster than traditional hard drive
  • SSD hosted sites offer a better user experience
  • SSD hosted websites have the chance to win more business
  • SSDs are more reliable than traditional hard drives
  • SSD use much less energy than mechanical hard disks

So, if you want your website to be visible to more and more visitors or experience less downtime then always choose SSD hosting over the traditional hard drive based hosting and also help make the planet green.

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