cPanel provides easy to use tools to manage your website. cPanel allows you to easily create and use email addresses. Now a days e-mail communication is important and managing multiple email users, business email addresses, stopping spam, and creating email filters can be a problematic task but with cPanel it is easy to create email addresses, email forwarders, mailing lists, anti-spam tools, and manage filters that enables you to control email with just few clicks.

The security in cpanel is its one of the best things. Securing a website and server can be a daunting task for even the most experienced professional. cPanel helps you secure your website by providing the tools you require to help reduce the possibilities of attacks. All this can be achieved easily and you still get to access your website easily.

cPanel provides a number of ways as to how you can manage files in your website. You have access to your website via different types of File Managers which easily lets you perform file management tasks like uploading files, downloading files, creation of folders and files, editing files, zip/unzip files and much much more. The File Manager in cPanel just works like Windows Explorer. Then there’s FTP available, you can create as many FTP accounts and provide them to your website developers, or company employees, restricting access to a subfolder is also possible via FTP. All this is achieved easily by simply adding / removing FTP user accounts in cPanel. You can use free FTP client like Filezilla to easily access and manage your website.

Domain Management in cpanel allows you to create sub-domains, add more than one domain to your hosting account, or park domains. cPanel makes it easy to manage multiple domains and websites from a single cpanel account.

In a nutshell cPanel is fast, easy and secure control panel available to manage your website. You can manage ftp accounts, domain names, email accounts, mysql databases, control spam and much much more with just a few clicks. The interface of cpanel is easy to use even for a novice.

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